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Do you have a freestanding cooker that needs to be installed in your home and you live in the N1 Islington area? Then look no further than Cooker Service for all your freestanding cooker and gas cooker needs. Cooker Service is an established business that has been running for over ten years, delivering the best services to our clients.

Gas cooker installation and maintenance is a serious job and should only be performed by someone who is Gas Safe registered, and here at Cooker Service we only hire gas engineers that are licenced in gas installation and gas servicing to work for our treasured customers in the N1 Islington area and various other places. Our gas installers have been through stringent training and years of studying to make sure that they work to the best of their ability and can work with any gas cooker, gas hob and gas oven, making our installation process here at Cooker Service available to all!

To install a freestanding gas cooker means uninstalling the current gas cooker, correcting the wiring to personally fit your new chosen freestanding cooker or gas freestanding cooker, and connecting the wiring. We also check that your new gas freestanding cooker is safe and reliable to use, a service that we provide to all our customers!

Our service is available all across London and surrounding areas, and we only provide the best standards of work, as many of our clients would say. Our customer service is the best and we make sure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure your gas cooker or freestanding cooker is working to the best of its ability.

So, if you live in N1 Islington or you live around the London area and want a name you can trust to connect, disconnect or uninstall your gas oven hob or cooker, or all three! Then look no further than Cooker Service for excellent gas engineers.

The freestanding gas cooker installation that is provided by Cooker Service, who also work with all gas hobs and gas ovens, is nothing less than the best. You can contact us at alternatively call us on 0208 2381 982 / 03333 200 407.

Customer Reviews

Cooker Service

Customer Reviews

Smita Patel

Got my new range cooker installed. Because of the size I thought it would be a lengthy process, but the engineer got it done quickly and talked me through using it. Much appreciated.

Sheree Harrison

A really admirable company. The engineer was well mannered and professional. Can't complain.

Victoria Wills

Prepared and credible. We need more tradesmen like this.

Hugo Antonio

Not only are they qualified but they tell you about the discounts available. Most companies expect you to find em', not too good to be true.

Mike Jessop

Extremely fast and very convenient. I will recommend you whenever necessary and also remain a regular customer. Thanks again.

Elijah Karola

Decided to get a new cooker after the engineer opened my eyes to a few damages my old one had. Thanks.

Matt Johnson

Really cool people, no hidden costs, get what you want. Is this real!? (: Great work guys.

Katie Welch

I needed a chain to secure my cooker to the wall. I wasn't aware this is a legal requirement. Luckily the engineer came equipped. Good looking out, cheers.

Andrew McKenzie

The engineer was exceptional and he gave me great tips to get the most out of my cooker! Thank you.

Victoria Knightley

No mess about, no hassle. A job done and a satisfied customer. Nice one.