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When it comes to the mass of custom our gas installers company here at Cooker Service receive in W8 Kensington, we are known to be the best in freestanding gas cooker installations, and this will never change!

Our freestanding gas cooker service, and other gas oven services and connections we do are the best that can be provided to you both in and around London, and we are extremely proud of this. So if you live in W8 Kensington, and you have a gas oven or dual fuel oven, gas hob or gas range that needs our gas maintenance expertise, then you are lucky enough to have a new gas installation fitted by local gas fitters who are extremely competent in gas servicing and maintaining!

Fitting a freestanding gas cooker is our Cooker Service engineer’s area of expertise. Our qualified team here at Cooker Service are all Gas Safe registered, which is a mandatory law when fitting a freestanding gas cooker. During the fitting/installation, there could be a mistake made with your new freestanding gas cooker, which could cause a gas leak from the freestanding gas cooker that puts your health, safety and your W8 Kensington home in severe danger.

Cooker Service specialists know that when fitting a freestanding gas cooker in your W8 Kensington home, there are certain gas safety regulations to follow for the safety of your home when it comes to your gas cooker, gas range and gas ovens, we take gas installation regulations very seriously. Our Cooker Service engineers provide the best service, as well as being efficient and competent all at an excellent cost too!

If you want to know more information about our fitting freestanding gas cooker installation service, then contact Cooker Service now, free of charge, and we will be able to cater to your needs to best suit you. We are available all over London, as well as surrounding areas, and our experts have been with the company for years and are more than experienced to do the fitting of your freestanding gas cooker, to re-wire your gas oven, or to merely keep your gas appliances up–to-date with a maintenance check. So why hesitate, call us today!

The freestanding gas cooker installation that is provided by Cooker Service, whom also work with all gas hobs and gas ovens is nothing less than the best. You can contact us at alternatively call us on 0208 2381 982 / 03333 200 407.

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