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If you need a gas oven installation service and live in N4 Finsbury Park, then why not call your local Gas Safe registered gas fitters Cooker Service? Here at Cooker Service, we are a reliable gas installation company that have been working for years on providing high quality service to gas ovens all around London.

Gas oven installations contain different parts to be done, not just the installation of the gas oven itself. For example, measurements and making room for the installation of your gas oven need to be made. This can require carpentry, like the cutting of the worktops so it is the exact size of the gas oven. After the actual gas oven installation service, the gas oven needs to be connected to the gas supply followed by everything being tested and checked to make sure your gas oven is safe and done correctly. Gas oven installations are not easy, so please do not assume you can do this by yourself.

For all the appropriate measures to your gas oven installation service to be made, the installation in your N4 Finsbury Park home must be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is competent in gas installation; and that is where Cooker Service comes in. As gas oven installation involves working with gas, you need to be qualified to do it, as improper use can be hazardous and puts you and everyone around you in serious danger. Gas oven installations need to be checked for potential gas leaks that only an expert can do properly.

Here at Cooker Service, our priority is your safety, so we never leave a home unless we are completely confident that your gas appliance works properly. So if you live in N4 Finsbury Park, and you have a gas oven that needs wiring, a gas oven that needs fitting or maintenance work done to it, or a gas cooker that needs to be replaced, call Cooker Service today.

Cooker Service only hires Gas Safe engineers to work on the maintenance and installation of our customers’ gas ovens, gas cookers and gas ovens. So if you want a reliable gas service you can contact us at [email protected] alternatively call us on 0208 2381 982 / 03333 200 407.

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