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If you live in E9 Homerton, and have a new gas stove that needs our expert installation service, then call Cooker Service. We are the number one gas installation company in London and we can offer you our gas installation service at a time that is convenient for you.

Our gas engineers are often found in the E9 Homerton area providing our gas stove installation services; however this is not the only job we cater in. Our professionals are also more than capable in working on and providing the maintenance work of old and new gas ovens, dual fuel cookers and gas cookers.

Our gas stove installation service is second to none, and doing this procedure should only be done by professionals whom have gas installation expertise that will stop them from putting your E9 Homerton home at risk, and this is something our Cooker Service engineers can definitely guarantee to you.

When taking part in a gas stove installation service, you must uninstall and wire the new gas stove, including making sure the gas pipe is fitted correctly. The gas stove must then be put into place and all the fixtures and fittings must be assembled to the gas stove.

Regarding the purchase of your new gas stove, you must not try and install and wire the gas appliance yourself as this can cause hazards to both yourself and your E9 Homerton household. This is because gas is dangerous and gas appliances must be fitted appropriately as to prevent the risk of a gas leak, which can of course lead to dangerous scenarios.

So please, if not for your safety, then for your family’s and household’s, please call Cooker Service for our experienced gas engineers. This is also the case for the need of gas oven maintenance work, gas hob installations and gas oven fittings. So if you live in E9 Homerton and have a gas appliance that needs our attention, then call us today!

Gas stove installations are something our gas engineers at Cooker Service take very seriously. We are also trained to work with all gas hobs, gas ovens and gas cookers. You can contact us at [email protected] alternatively call us on 0208 2381 982 / 03333 200 407.

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